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Weekend Spotlight Artist- Karla Ross

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It's time to give some much overdue props to team member and uber talented jewelry designer Karla Ross! Besides being a busy wife and mom, Karla runs her own business, Adornments by Karla, where she sells her wonderfully unique and fun jewelry designs. She is an integral part of ETC who works tirelessly to promote a team spirit and foster group participation. She updates our team blog each day to help promote a different team member through our "Item of the Day" feature, so who better to star as our very first Weekend Spotlight Artist? With over 200 sales on Etsy and many more at local fairs and festivals, Karla's creations are in high demand...check out some of her newest work below, and at www.adornmentsbykarla.etsy.com !

Thanks for all you do Karla!


Tsuru Bride said...

Thanks Karla! You rock!

Artsi Bitsi said...


Adornments by Karla said...

You guys are the best...and Heather this was so sweet I'm about to cry! Stop it. LOL. HUGS. -K

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