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Monday's Featured Item of the day from Andrea Baker

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Greetings readers! Hope all of you had a wonderful weekend and a Happy Easter. Today we would like you to become better acquainted with team member Andrea Baker. She designs unique business card/checkbook cozies, aprons, pins, paper goods and more. Here is an excerpt from her Shop profile:
My name is Andrea. I enjoy sewing and crafting. I've been sewing now for a few years and rather enjoy it. I have 2 beautiful girls (12 yrs and 3 yrs). I also have a very supportive husband who is a professional magician. Most of my time is taken up by several things, my children, my husband, and my obsession with sewing and creating!!
Check out this adorable denim puppy-themed apron in the photograph above. Isn't it darling? Who do you know that would love receiving it for a gift? Or maybe it's time to treat yourself to a little pick-me-up?
We have many links to pass along to you for Andrea and her lovely wares. Besides our group, she also is associated with 3 other teams whose information is provided here too. Take a moment out of your busy day to browse or shop! Enjoy.
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Andrea Baker said...

Thank you for this feature!

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