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Wednesday Item of the day from Gardenia's Garb

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Today we are focusing our spotlight on a truly unique new addition to our team: Gardenia's Garb creator Patty. We simply had to share this yellow pirate/peasant shirt for men from her shop. Seriously, the guys are always getting overlooked in the handmade universe...so BRAVO for this bold foray.

Here, in her own words, is a peak into the designs and inspiration behind Gardenia's Garb.

"All of our products are handmade in non-smoking homes by my mother and myself. We have been involved with Renaissance festivals for over 12 years. We make clothing specifically designed for performers. We try to keep our patterns, styles, and color of fabric appropriate to the time period, but we occasionally take flights of fancy when the mood strikes us."

"Being a performer and a Scottish country dancer, I understand what is required of garb that is going to be lived in and worn more as clothes rather than a costume. Our clothing is designed to be worn, danced, and played in."

Check out more cool fashions from the past via this link:

Also, look over her blog:


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