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Inside the mind of an artist at work

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One of our core team members recently confided her excitement over a new project she had dreamed up. Her enthusiasm piqued our curiosity and we asked if she would share a peek into her creative process with you, our valued readers.

Heather Wirth of Smarty Pants Design might already be familiar to some of you for her dreamy swirled polymer clay buttons. Her paintings and previous jewelry designs reveal an artist with a very tactile and visual perspective. Take a look at her impressive mindmapping/brainstorming stream pictured here as you read the questions posed to her.

What is your latest endeavor called? Surfer Girl jewelry

What was your inspiration? I was inspired by the economy in a way, in that women have cut way back on purchasing "luxury" items such as jewelry

Who is your target audience? Surfer Girl is for the woman who never wears jewelry as a symbol of status or social class, but who loves the feeling of being adorned with something handcrafted and one of a kind, something that once she puts it on...she doesn't have to think about again.

How is this line different from what you may have done before? Each piece is being made to stand the test of time...the clay is baked for a shorter period so the beads and pendants stay semi-plyable. I'm using a 3 step process to glaze each piece, making the beads not only scratch resistant but also waterproof. The cords used are made from waxed cotton or synthetic rubber, and close via 2 beads in the back rather than a clasp, and can be made shorter or longer simply by pulling the beads.

How will this project resonate with fans of your previous work --- will it feel familiar to them at all? As everyone knows of my love of turquoise, it's no surprise the color palette for the line includes a variety of blues, aqua, blue-green and turquoise hues.

It sounds like Heather has come up with a very resilient and adaptable way for us to wear her art! You can view more of Heather's creations by visiting her etsy shop. Be sure to check back in mid to late July when her Surfer Girl line should make its debut! Also watch for her to make several local appearances in events such as The Grandview Hop, Westerville Farmers Market and Worthington Market Days.


Andrea Baker said...

WOW!!! Its amazing to see someone elses creative process. This is amazing!!! I really enjoyed reading all about Heather and her process! thank you so much for sharing!

Molly said...

Those blue and white beads are really beautiful. They pop right off the page!

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