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FIVE recent creations by Etsy Columbus team members

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Enjoy these lovely designs and be sure to click the shop links to view more wares by each of these talented artists!

Red Smoochie Mini pouch by Artsi Bitsi http://artsibitsi.etsy.com/

Night fox handpainted silk scarf by Megan Mac http://missmeganmac.etsy.com/

Vintage denim butterfly market tote by Mary Moon http://marymoondesigns.etsy.com/

8 Tags - Tragic labels by Space Dog Sarah http://spacedogstudios.etsy.com/

Pale iris rufflette scarf by Shirley of Maidenhand http://maidenhand.etsy.com/


Artsi Bitsi said...

I love that Iris Scarf!

laglass said...

The butterfly bag is gorgeous!

SpaceDog said...

Yeah, it's really nice. So is Mary Moon's bag :-) And your lip pouch for that matter.

I like the scarf, too, from Megan Mac. But right now my favorite is that blue and red one in her shop.

Molly said...

I like the smoochie cozie! I think I need more things to put in cozies!

Artsi Bitsi said...

My mom keeps little toys for the grandkids in her monster mini cozy.

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