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Wednesday's Item of the Day!

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Space Dog Studios' owner Sarah Hansen has been BUSY! Sarah makes one of a kind sketchbooks and journals that can be used for just about anything....notes, journaling, sketches, watercolor drawings, mixed media, you name it! I use my own Space Dog sketchbook for brainstorming ideas for pieces of new artwork, and I use it sparingly....because it's so pretty, I truly dread the day when it's filled up! I suppose that's why Sarah stays so busy making new stock : )

Take a moment to check out some of her newest handmade sketchbooks, including this 5x7" Fern themed sketchbook, complete with polymer clay buttons. Make your way over to her Etsy shop to see a complete selection -



mary moon designs said...

I love Space Dogs books and journals :o)
They are fun to write in.

SpaceDog said...

I think Heather forgot to mention the part about her super-sweet buttons being the stars of the sketchbooks! yay!

Heather said...

haha, she wasn't going to be that brazen! : ) we should look into doing "etsy collaborations"!

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