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ETC welcomes new members!

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Recently our group has expanded its roster with new talent and hopes to continue to do so. Please join us as we welcome our newest members and appreciate the following samples of their creativity. Be sure to visit their shops for even more handcrafted and vintage goodness!

Trio I Silkscreen print by Redux4u

Copper rose earrings by Louie's Hardware

Hand-crocheted golden pouch by DesiKalakar

Art rocks earrings by kkmakesthings

Autumn Storm necklace by Mikelle77
Birthdate or adoption keepsake print by Grace Hester Designs
Island Grommet tote bag by Three Stitch Creations


jannypie said...

Congratulations and welcome everyone!!

Andrea Baker said...

Welcome to the team. We can't wait to get to know you so much better!

Kerri said...

I'm excited to be a new member and looking forward to the meeting on Thursday!

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