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Etsy Team Columbus Variety Boxes for Charity

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Announcing October Etsy Team Columbus Variety Boxes!

All proceeds will go to help a different local charity each month.
This month's proceeds will benefit the Columbus Children’s Theatre.
Each box is unique with handcrafted pieces of work, made especially for this fundraiser from one of our team members. In these boxes you will find hairpieces, cards, jewelry, artwork, glassware, magnet, coupons, etc. All for an extraordinary low price.

(shh, another sneak peak)
There are only a few of these boxes available, first come first serve.
In each box you will find items, from the following members of Etsy team Columbus:
Don't forget!~All proceeds will go to help the Columbus Children’s Theatre


Andrea Baker said...

What a fabulous event to be a part of!

Sckraps said...

Thought I would swoop in and say hello, local doodler and artist living just outside of Columbus.

I was looking around the sparse wasteland of Etsy teams in the central Ohio area...found this beacon of Team-ish light.

Anyways, just saying hello, and look forward to keeping an eye on this place, looks like a fun group.

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