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Fall Shopping for the Ladies

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Looking for some fabulous items for fall? Check out these goodies just for the ladies in your life!
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Clicking the item name will take you directly to the item its self.

Callista Designs

Green Sky II ORIGINAL 18X24

J Sadler Designs

Chunky Green Necklace


Contour Clips - Light Purple Roses

You can search for more fabulous handmade items by searching "etsy team columbus" on etsy.


Molly said...

gotta love fall!

Amy's The Painted House and More said...

Love the work chosen. All of it is very eye catching.

Artsi Bitsi said...

Wow. Beautiful painting by Arteest. I'm so glad I own one of her originals.

tscrapper said...

Great picks from the team!

Adornments by Karla said...

Thanks for sharing...wonderful work by very talented artisans!

maryeb said...

lovely choices for fall shopping.

Melsclay said...

Gorgeous fall items, ladies!

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