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ETC Paints The City PINK

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Etsy Team Columbus is crafting up a pink storm. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We have created a team in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk. Please donate today. Every $5 goes a long way to helping the cause!

Below are some fabulous PINK handmade items from our talented team members. Pink Is Beautiful!!

Etsy Team Columbus pink pink pink

This list is in order from left to right. Be sure to visit each item to see more fabulous photos of them.

1. TScrapper - Breast Cancer Awareness Coasters

2. Aressa - large flower Breast Cancer Awareness Glasses

3. Aressa - Breast Cancer Awareness Gifts

4. Aressa - National Breast Cancer Awareness Month Glass

5. Aressa - pink swirls Breast Cancer Awareness Month Glass

6. ReduxJewelry - Vintage-Style Pink Cat's Eye Earrings

7. ReduxJewelry - Pink Rose Pendant with Chain

8. Redux4u - Cotton Candy Scarf

9. Melsclay - Pink Retro Bic Pen

10. Melsclay - Pink Retro Mini Tin

11. MissMeganMac - Hearts for Karlene Batik Silk Scarf

12. Aamilou - Easy Puzzles

13. Aamilou - Rock Decor

14. DesiKalakar - Baby Pink Card Holder/ Case with Cancer Awareness Ribbon

15. DesiKalakar - Baby Pink Card Holder / Case with Cherry applique

16. DesiKalakar - Pink Scarf

17. JewelsByDesiKalakar - Baby pink and silver metal necklace and earrings

18. 3stitchcreations - Breast Cancer Grommet Tote Bag

19. 3stitchcreations - Breast Cancer Quilted Angel

20. 3stitchcreations - Breast Cancer Checkbook Cover and Coin Purse -

21. 3stitchcreations - Crazy about Pink N Purple Grommet Tote Bag

22. 3stitchcreations - Pink Paisley Silhouette

23. 3stitchcreations - Pink Dream Grommet Tote Bag

24. 3stitchcreations - Cotton Candy Pink and Silver Purse

25. andreabaker - The Jennifer Clutch II - Pink Delight

26. andreabaker - Franny - a zipper pouch

27. Carroll Baker - delicate flowers


29. ArtsiBitsi - CANDY - Mini Journal Eating Monster w/ pen

30. ImASmartyPants - Shades of Magenta Necklace

31. AdornmentsbyKarla - SAVE THE TATAS breast cancer awareness cell phone or purse charm or zipper pull

32. AdornmentsbyKarla - SAVE THE TATAS breast cancer awareness bracelet

Check out more Etsy Team Columbus artists by doing a search on www.etsy.com with ETSY TEAM COLUMBUS in the search section. We have many fabulous artists for you to visit!


Amy's The Painted House and More said...

Love the post. What a nice selection of Breast Cancer Awareness items! Thanks for your hard work!!

Poonam said...

Lovely post of pinksy items!

Melsclay said...

Wow, some really nice stuff!

Sally said...

Great pink items! Thanks for including several of my pieces.

Adornments by Karla said...

Andrea...this is an AWESOME post! We really have a wonderfully talented bunch. Thanks again :-)

tscrapper said...

Great choices for the blog post! Thanks for including my coasters and for helping raise awareness.

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