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MORE new friends added to Etsy Team Columbus

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It's TANTALIZING TUESDAY and we hope you readers are feelin TEE-RIFIC! We're all TICKLED to death to announce our latest TEAM additions. Please join us as we welcome them aboard. It is so difficult to get a TRUE feel for their TALENTS by viewing only these single selections...therefore we hope you'll use the links below to see more! Doing so is sure to leave our new TRIBE members feeling TOP notch! TA-TA!

The Harper Reversible Pinafore by Noisy Nora Store

Hipster by Two Peas in a Pod

Forks Washington Shirt for Twilight fans by CRAM


Adornments by Karla said...

That adorable lil doll in Noisy Nora's pinafore makes me pine for another wee one. Any chance I can buy this one? she is precious!!!

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