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Etsy Team Columbus Taking Flight

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Please take a moment and check out all the fabulous items ETC has to offer! You can also do a search on etsy for ETSY TEAM COLUMBUS items.

1. ArtFeyStudio - Dragon Fairy - Water Element

2. artisticflair - Tweet, Tweet

3. gracehesterdesigns - Live to Love, Love to Live Keepsake Print in Chinese - 8 X 10 Birds

4. outofthepinksky - Nesting Earrings - bird's nests of freshwater pearls and sterling silver

5. JewelsofLuxury - AVIATOR COLLECTION - Steampunk Vintage Watch Face and Antique WWII Brass Aviator Wings Pendant

6. marymoondesigns - Blue Birdie Dot Zippy Pouch

7. AdornmentsbyKarla - FOR THE BIRDS charm bracelet and earring set

8. ReduxJewelry - Dragonfly Round Mother of Pearl Shell Pendant


tscrapper said...

Great theme! I love seeing these posts and looking at new items that I might not have seen otherwise.

Teri Landow said...


3 Stitch Creations said...

Wonderful post! Love the wings on things.

maryeb said...

Absolutely lovely. Very clever title.

Adornments by Karla said...

Thanks for including me...love all the selections! ETC rocks :-)

Amy's The Painted House and More said...

How neat! I love the theme. You are so creative Andrea...Wonderful job and great work chosen. Look at the work the people in our group do. Amazing!

Sally said...

Great selection! Thanks for including my dragonfly pendant.

mary moon designs said...

Very nice collection! !
Thank You :o)

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