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Happy Early Birthday greetings to Miss Megan Mac

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Be sure to visit Tiny Canary this weekend folks and take a moment to stop by the booth of Miss Megan Mac! It's her birthday and we sincerely extend warm wishes to this adored team member. She's our resident weaver and textiles artist. Although talented in many different creative realms, she currently expresses herself in chiffons and silks, batiking and hand-painting them. There's something very decadent about draping yourself in her fine wares! Visit her etsy shop and prepare to be enticed! Her colors and patterns are OUT OF THIS WORLD.



Kunklebaby said...

Happy Happy Birthday Megan!! See you this weekend! :D

twopeasinapoddesigns said...

Beautiful work...

6p00e5505abd438833 said...

I was at Tiny Canary and didn't even realize Megan Mac is a member! Blame it on me being a rookie *trump card* :o)

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Heather said...

oh yes, its that time of year again when megan turns just one more year older than i....i do enjoy this day so ; ) happy bday sista!

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