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Your Wish List Covered with the ETC Core Members!

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Etsy Team Columbus Core Members have fabulous gifts for your families wish list. Check out the following wonderful items. Want to see more from Etsy Team Columbus? Do a search on etsy with ETSY TEAM COLUMBUS and see what amazing items pop up!

Etsy Team Columbus Core Members

bluegirlink - This is a beautiful piece of art. Its an aerial view of farmland. This mixed media canvas will look great on anyones wall. It would also make a great gift for this season!

melsclay - Liven up your desk drawer with these beach ball striped knobs. With vibrant colors your sure to want to give these knobs a tug or two!

ArtsiBitsi - As bits would say Germs Are Snot Forever! This unique monster tissue case makes a great gift for that fantabulous person in your life.

ImASmartyPants - This one is defiantly on my wish list. This Woodgrain Pendant is sexy with its soft twist. Is this on your wish list as well?

AdornablesByLyn - This Gorgeous Spectacular Long Pendant and Black Onyx Necklace is sure to be on your wish list. Its mysterious and spectacular at the same time.

aressa - The perfect gift for someone in you family. This hand painted decanter set will be the talk of the family!

AdornmentsbyKarla - The DESERT DRAGONFLY necklace is a one of a kind piece. The lady in your life is going to love this peice!

arteest - I love this one. The colors are so beautiful and play perfectly off each other. Arteest titled this one Desolate! Its going to look great on your wall!

HevVinDesigns - Beauty And The Beast is a wonderful clutch for that holiday outing this season. Its a great clutch to carry your essentials for the party.

MollyStuff - Be Inspired by this sweet sterling fashion necklace. Each letter is hand pressed into the metal. This one is going on my wish list for this holiday.

JewelsofLuxury - A vintage blue enameled flower pin will look great paired with a soft warm pink or fuchsia shawl. Gift this one to that glamorous lady in your life!

andreabaker - My very own labor of love. This 2010 Desk Top Calendar is going to make a great stocking stuffer for someone you know!


tscrapper said...

Once again, some great picks from our fearless leaders. :)

Amy's The Painted House and More said...

Thanks Andrea for including me in this...I appreciate it....Very nice....This was a great idea to feature the core members....Tomorrow will by my tutorial....YEAH!! :)

Molly said...

:) thanks for including "make"

Michelle said...

You did a great job on this one Andrea!

Melsclay said...

Thanks so much, this is such a great group to work with!

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