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Last Minute Gifts

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Etsy Team Columbus Feature December 20, 2009

Etsy Team Columbus members have you covered for last minute gift ideas. Want to see more from Etsy Team Columbus? Do a search on etsy with ETSY TEAM COLUMBUS and see what amazing items pop up!

A great gift for that local guy in your life! Columbus Ohio Rocks!
CBUS GRUNGE 5x7 Giclee Print

Lailee has this beautiful Frost Garden Vintage Inspired necklace. I'm sure you have a woman in your life who would look even more beautiful with this elegant necklace on.
Miniature Frost Garden Vintage Inspired Necklace

Someone you know would love to snuggle up with this handmade quilt!
Sweet Dreams Quilt

Your grandmother will love this clever eye glass case. And its HALF OFF!
Large glasses case - pink paisley

I love this one. Any pet owner will too!
I ...Heart... My Owner Sterling Silver Dog Collar Pendant

Everyone deserves a cupcake. Here's one your little girl can wear.
Cupcake t-shirt

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Mary said...

Such a very talented group of artists! You all make me want to move to Columbus!!! I really do love all the items that I have been seeing. I have you bookmarked! Thanks for sharing this with us!

Lola said...

My husband LOVES the Columbus Rocks print -- he wants to know if we can get it any bigger... as in, how big can ya get? like 11x13 or so? We love it! :)

maryeb said...

Nicely done collage of items. Great suggestions.

Amy's The Painted House and More said...

That was a nice idea Andrea....Thanks for taking the time during this busy season to post on the team blog!!!

twopeasinapoddesigns said...

Nice! Thanks! And i have some tutorials to post if you'd like me to do that. Quilted placemats / tablerunner?

jannypie said...

Lola- I have 5x7 in stock, but have made 8x10, 11x14, 11x17, and 24x36" posters- the sizes are very flexible. Feel free to shoot me an email if you have more questions! jannypie143@yahoo.com

Thanks for the feature Andrea! You're the best!

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