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During the holiday season I was looking hard on Etsy to try to find some neat gifts for men. I found it to be quite challenging. Since I have taken a little time off during the holidays, I did not have time to create a new Instructable for you. I did however search the Instructables to see if there was anything interesting to share.

I happen to come across this neat idea for a man bracelet. It is actually pretty masculine and something that many men would be comfortable wearing. This might be an idea for some to consider making for the men in their life, and maybe it will lead to selling online too! We sure could use a larger selection for our men....


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etsycolumbus said...

Great idea Amy...I actually made a similar "man bracelet" from tin copper wire all woven together...got the idea when I saw Prince William in G.B. wearing some woven pieces. Guys are tough to buy/make accessories for!

Andrea Baker said...

I would love to see more items for men. I wonder if there are any men out there who would be willing to post a comment as to what type of handmade item they'd like? Come on men!

Lyn StClair said...

My son and husband are always taking my 'inventory' of men's necklaces. Here is one in particular that they love to wear. I've secured this one for a listing so they can't take it!

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