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Get Your Party Style On with Etsy Team Columbus

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Get to planning your New Year's Eve Party! We have what you need to do it up right!!!!

Check out the following Etsy Team Columbus Items! Would you like to see more from Etsy Team Columbus? Do a search on Etsy with ETSY TEAM COLUMBUS and see what amazing items pop up!

December 28th, Etsy Team Columbus Feature

Vivid and Playful Multicolored Tonks Bracelet in African Opal and Silver
You will exude style with this fabulous bracelet!

Striped Silver Cuff
Your party guests will covet this cuff! Sleek and fabulous!

Medium Felt Orchid- pink
Decorate that party table with a handmade Felt orchid!

Mink Cowl
Subtle yet fabulous! This cowl will keep you warm and stylish!

The Katie Clutch Wristlet
Walk through that party door with this stylish clutch and you'll be sure to catch everyones eye!

Vintage Spoon Ring Tudor Silver Plate Oneida Roses Sized to Order
Always show up in unique style. This one of a kind Vintage Spoon Ring is just the ticket! Silver Flame will make this any size you need!


6p00e5505abd438833 said...

Oooh what a nice combination of items!

Steph@ madas place said...

Great picks!

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