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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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It's Christmas Eve and we have had a wonderful Holiday Season. Thanks to the Artillery Holiday Art Market for selecting 5 Etsy Team Columbus members to be a part of their show! We all had a great time and shared plenty of Christmas Cheer!

Mary Moon carrying all her fabulous handbags up to the Skye Bar

Mary Moon Designs all set up and ready for the admiring public! Her owls and kokeshi doll bags are adorable!

The lovely Mary modeling my necklace - I think the calico agate looks especially nice with her lavender sweater.

Next to Mary is SpaceDog Studios. She does recycled paper journals, notepads, and stationary. A fun way to save the planet!

More SpaceDog work! It looks so much better in person than in my backlit snapshot. You should search for her on http://www.etsy.com/

Outofthepinksky has fantastic wirework jewelry. I love her bird's nest earrings. You really must see them!

MissMeganMac has new handwoven scarves for winter! A new addition to her drop dead gorgeous hand dyed silks! Look at those luscious colors!

Here are Megan's large and artistic fingers poised over silverflame's rings. Yes, it was a fun show and we hadn't even started drinking yet! I love the Holidays!

And here is the booth of silverflame. Sorry the pic is blurry, but I was too busy talking and having fun to take a great picture. The Artillery Holiday Art Market was such a great atmosphere. Looking forward to future shows!


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