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Meet Megan Coyan (MissMeganMac)

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"As a child, my mind was set upon becoming an artist, and that has never changed. I'm a Columbus native who returned after many years of living in NYC. I received my degree in fine arts from Parsons the New School of Design specializing in textile design. I originally went with the intent of studying fashion design, but when it came time to choose departments, I realized that what I love about fashion is the manipulation of fabric√Ę€¦so I opted for textiles instead. My specialty is woven fabrics, but I do also draw and paint, so I work a lot with surface techniques, especially with embroidery and dying and painting on silk. I enjoy meeting with other artists, as conversations amongst artists can spark so many wonderful ideas for everyone."


Great Circle Etsy Team said...

Hi guys,
I was just checking out you blog and thought I'd say hello from the Great Circle Etsy team over in Newark.

Tony Reynolds
Great Circle Etsy Team

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Hello and thanks for checking our blog out.

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