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Rescheduled Meeting

Author jannypie Category

Our first rescheduled team meeting is this Friday February 15th from 7-9pm at Panera 4519 N High Street in the back meeting room due to my flat tire on Wednesday night. I hope those of you who stayed Wednesday night don't mind coming out on Friday and bringing a sample of your craft again. I really want to meet you all and if you remember bring some business cards to hand out. Once again I'm so sorry for this inconvenience and if this ever happens again I hope my husband won't be at work so I can just take his car =0)


Amy said...

I won't be able to make it on Friday night, but I hope to meet up with everyone soon!

................................... said...

No problem...I hope to meet you next month!

-Amy T (ButterflyJewelry)

mary moon designs said...

I was at Wen. meeting.Sorry I missed the opportunity to meet Fri. night. Just couldn't make it there.See ya next time.

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