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Pimping Your Shop Seminar

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This month's Seminar will be "Pimping Your Shop: Driving People to Your Site", based on the most recent poll. We wil be covering the many avenues of advertising and marketing to bring more buisness your way.
Detailed Handouts will be provided. Tips on photo correction through various computer programs will also be given.

May 21st, 7-9pm (this day is CANCELED) and June 1st, 5-7pm at Luxury's House, directions to Michelle's house will be on the google group site.

Please leave a comment letting me know which day you will be attending. Thanks peeps!


Molly said...

I'll be attending today!

Daisy Mae Designs said...

I'd like to attend next week. I took a look on Google Groups to figure out where we're meeting - can you point me to that information? Thanks!

Michelle said...

hi daisy mae!
the meetings times are on this blog on the top right hand side. they will change every month, so keep checking for info.
the google group has info about the shows we are joining in on.

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