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TGIF Item of the Day by Luxury

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Team leader Michelle is about to become a first time Mommy any day now. However that doesn't mean her two etsy shops are lacking for merchandise!

Many jewelry designers will tell you they tend to hoard their favorite beads. When those same people see all the gorgeous gems Michelle has to offer...they get that itch...that craving...that desire to HAVE THOSE BEADS! hahahaha Once you look over her fabulous selection you'll understand why.

Pictured above are branches of angel skin coral. These delicate top drilled beads have just a kiss of subtle pink and peach color. This is among the most coveted of coral varieties just begging to adorn the curve of a woman's neck and clavicle.

For you fans of steampunk style and recycled vintage pieces (skeleton watches in particular)...be sure to check out Jewels of Luxury too!

Links to both of Michelle's etsy storefronts are provided for you below. Have a great weekend and enjoy!


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